Local governments and jobs

It is proposed that on the Government website, citizens can access a section called "Market study". It would provide all the necessary information to determine the probability of success of an undertaking. Even more, find business opportunities from the data presented.

When investing, an essential input is information. For the person who has decided to start a business or needs to generate income and does not know how to do it, being able to carry out a market study on her city is a fundamental help.

For this, the City Councils should only dump and organize the data they already have or in any case can access, about the locality: number of businesses by item, billing of each economic activity, number of new and closed companies per year and category, average income, educational level of the population, demographic structure, etc. The possibility of accessing the historical series of these data and being able to make comparisons with other cities it can be very useful to know if there are items on offerings or niches of underexploited markets. This not only allows us to identify which are the most attractive items, but also serves to determine how to design the business strategy, from what audience it will be directed to, and the prices and products to offer.

The City Councils are the only ones that have this information, which is essential to facilitate and promote local economic development. By making these tools available to the community, the municipalities can achieve a competitive advantage with the rest. In addition, the possibility of offering this information, duly processed and free of charge, also encourages citizens from other regions who wish to make investments with the greatest possible probability of success.

On the other hand, creating activities that group the unemployed is also very convenient. Taking people out of isolation and connecting them with many others who are in the same situation can be extremely helpful. Summoning them through talks and activities by economic area could make several people interested in the same area come together, get to know each other and from that start to think of alternatives in a group.

It is necessary that the City Councils use all their capacity to help their citizens to generate associations and ventures that increase the value of the city.

One of the great challenges of the present and even more of the future is related to job creation. At this point, a Municipal Data Office can fulfill the fundamental role of providing citizens with information regarding the economy of their city, allowing them to know the dynamics of the local market, which is essential in maximizing the chances of success of an enterprise. . Having the possibility of accessing complete, segmented and time-series information on the different economic items present in a city, as well as data regarding the population and its income level, education level, demographic characteristics, etc. It can, in many cases, make the difference between the failure and the success of an undertaking. Cities that do not have this service expose their citizens and potential companies to a very high risk when investing. To encourage people to invest, it is necessary to provide certainties, since the more information they have, the less the possibility of failure, and therefore the greater the opportunity to generate new jobs.

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