Local governments in Pandemic

The question we seek to answer in this article is what local governments, regardless of their size, can do to minimize the negative consequences of the current pandemic.

The key is to find the answers that depend on us, looking for creative approaches that allow us to do something about the problem.

Currently, the management of the City Councils is modified by the health measures derived from the Covid-19, having to change the way of working and also the priorities in the management. However, in addition to the multiple adaptations that municipalities have had to make to respond to the pandemic, the social, economic and health situation that will remain in the post-pandemic will require rapid adaptation to the needs and expectations of the population.

In this, the City Councils cannot give bystander responses, where unchangeable external situations are cited, but must find areas of action that allow them to take an active role in addressing the problems of citizenship. We must find innovative solutions that lead us to have an active role in the face of challenges.

Below we present different areas of work where City Councils can influence, without the need for large budgetary expenses, starting with the creation of jobs, which will be one of the key areas in which to act.


We share two texts dealing with local policies that can encourage job creation:

Creativity and innovation

When economic resources are scarce and daily tasks are made difficult by health measures, creativity becomes essential:

To govern is to explain

Making an intelligent use of the budget and knowing how to communicate it, when citizen demands increase, it is important to maintain a good connection with the neighbors:

Coordinate and cooperate

Leaning on the other Mayors, knowing how they are working and what measures they are implementing can be very useful to copy successful cases or discard ideas already proven without success, in this the Federations and Associations of Municipalities have a preponderant role to coordinate and disseminate information:


Security is not always a question of infrastructure and budget, but also of more complex approaches that help to have better results:


In times where nature is at the center of attention be it due to uncontrollable fires, droughts or viruses, maintaining a policy that is friendly to the environment should not be neglected:

In short, the idea is to show that the attitude towards challenges is decisive when it comes to finding solutions. It is thinking about what you can do with what you have.

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