Transforming cities, with a different view of management that allows solving the usual problems in an innovative way, discovering hidden opportunities.

As a consultant, the aim is to offer busy public officials instruments to plan, study and define the strategies necessary to optimize their tasks.

We rely on a set of methodologies and technics that any public administration can follow to achieve better results as an organization, adapting the different management tools to the specific characteristics of each community.

With years of training and preparation to help local governments reach their greatest potential. To achieve this, a working system was designed to help decision makers to identify existing or future problems and solve them in the most efficient way, in addition to creating a working mechanism that allows detecting new opportunities. Through modifications in the organization of local management such as the reorganization of existing resources and the incorporation of new administration tools, it is possible to achieve a more efficient government with easily measurable and verifiable results.

Our work will allow you to optimize management dynamics, in order to provide definitive solutions to recurring problems and a new work methodology when facing the task.

Lic. Francisco Blanco
Political Science and International Relations