The Data Office is the backbone of any organization that seeks to maximize its results. It is essentially made up of different areas such as: Statistics - Idea bank - Smart city - Dashboard - Big data - Assistance agreements.

The Data Office allows the comprehensive management of public data and has as its main objective the processing of all the information generated within a city, both from areas that depend on local government and from those that do not, making it possible to subsequent analysis of the data and the preparation of reports that are delivered periodically to the different sectors of the administration. In this way, the officials obtain a real diagnosis of the state of the situation that allows them to take the measures aimed at solving the challenges that arise.

Implementing this office within an organization can take different times depending on the preexistence or not of other areas that comprise it. What is required in all cases is a different way of relating to the rest of the organization, so that it has a real and direct impact on the day-to-day of the administration.

Once operational, the Data Office will provide the necessary tools for more efficient management and based on quantifiable information with minimum budget requirements for its maintenance and updating.

In the following link some benefits derived from working with a data office are exemplified.